ALS and canvas
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Thorsten Renk
2017-07-10 17:06:00 UTC
I'd like to put this one out as an advice to aircraft developers.

I've been investing some work rendering the Shuttle avionics in a way
that's more immersive - basically by taking into account the ambient light
and make them appear over-bright and very emissive at night or suppress
the visibility in direct sunlight and generally take into account a few
perception effects and imperfections.

The HUD effect is the first result that came out of that program, but it's
not going to be the last - I've now applied the same technology to the
Shuttle MFDs - you can see them over-bright with Airy discs and color
desaturation at night (compare left with effect applied with right bare):

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or see it difficult to read when direct sun is shining onto the display

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At this point, the common theme would be that using canvas we can render
things in ALS we can not (easily) otherwise. So I'll make an official
recommendation to aircraft maintainers to use canvas for any displays /
HUDs if you want to get the latest and greatest from ALS in the future - I
consider the FG-native HUD or other ways to build displays (OSGText etc.)
legacy-supported - they'll continue to work, but might be dead ends.

Anyway - that's what I'll do with ALS - please factor that into your
decision-making how to design the avionics you're working on. Canvas is a
bit harder to learn, but you'll not regret learning it, it's *very*

* Thorsten