Serious project to bring FlightGear into Virtual Reality Headsets
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Mehdi El Kouch
2017-07-20 12:56:03 UTC
Dear all,

I am interested to *use FlightGear in a personnal project in Virtual
Reality using HTC Vive and Oculus Rift*.

I already read the forum topics as well as the wiki about this subject :
first of all they tend to be quite old now, and also they are focused on
Oculus Rift and not HTC Vive. I have both headset with me now and would
like to run FG on both.

Another point is that even if some users seems to have succeeded in
bringing FG into their headsets, their projects lack documentation (or they
are obsolete), which means that any new user interested to do this starts
back from almost zero. This is why my objective is also to write a new Wiki
(or to modify the existing one) to summarise all the troubles I will
encounter during this project and how I solved it.

*Here is my plan :*

There is an API, named OpenVR, developed by Valve (Steam), which aims at
offering a "simple" way to program VR application whatever the headset is (
https://github.com/ValveSoftware/openvr). This is why my first approach is
to try to use this API with FlightGear instead of focusing on a specific
headset SDK, in order for the maximum number of headsets to be compatible
and the maximum of users to be targeted.

I also found a project aiming at creating an OSGViewer to view a scene
graph on devices compatible with OpenVR (

As FlightGear is relying on OSG, I *guess *it should be possible without
too many and big changes to adapt FG on a HTC Vive or Oculus.

However, my problem is the same as soon as I try to modify the source code
: I don't know where to touch because I am still missing the big picture of
Flight Gear internal processes, although knowing all the wiki pages almost
by heart !

For such a project, should I modify OSG directly, SimGear or FlightGear, or
all of them ?

Could someone provide me with some guidance about where are mainly managed
the calls to OSG into FlightGear ? In which project ? Which file(s) ? Which
function(s) ?

Thank you very much for any help that can be provided to help me to start
in the good direction.

Best regards,