Translated man pages
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Alessandro Menti
2017-06-26 22:12:20 UTC
Hi everyone,
as part of the ongoing FlightGear localization effort, I have just
merged my Italian translation of the FlightGear man pages [1].

Should you wish to translate them to other languages, I plan to add
detailed instructions to the wiki [2] in a few days - in the meantime,
here's how to do it:
1) inside the "man" directory in the FlightGear repository, create a
new directory named after the code of the language you are
translating the man pages to (e.g. de for German, or pt_BR for
Brazilian Portuguese) and edit CMakeLists.txt to add that
2) copy the "man1" and "man5" directories inside the new locale
directory created in step 1;
3) translate the files - make sure to:
* edit CMakeLists.txt in each subdirectory to ask CMake to install
them in the correct place;
* edit the "last change" date in the man page header (the date
on the row starting with .TH);
* follow any style/translation conventions for your language.

Also, many thanks for giving me commit privileges - I am honored!

Alessandro Menti

[2] http://wiki.flightgear.org/Howto:Translate_FlightGear