Aircraft wake or turbulence effect
(too old to reply)
Wayne Bragg
2017-07-17 19:45:29 UTC
Thanks Torsten. After some investigation I missed the move of SourceForge
to the secure protocols for git. I had updated my settings for the
FlightGear and SimGear projects but obviously forgot FGData.
Now that this has been fixed I could commit the changes to the IA menu.
Sorry for the noise.
Hi Bertrand,

Thank you for getting all this in place. Did you say you have a scenario
that places the c172p close to or on the wake of a jet? If so can it be
made available in the scenarios or maybe post a copy of it somewhere?
Does this only work behind MP or is it also AI aircraft?

Oh, and were there any docs to this? If not, once I figure out all the
pieces and have actually performed the exercise I would volunteer to add
it to the wiki, at least the setup portion.

Thanks again!