Windows installer help needed
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James Turner
2017-06-23 08:50:25 UTC

Some people reported that our Windows uninstall experience could be better, since it doesn’t do a ‘clean uninstall’ removing downloaded files / settings in FG_HOME.

I’ve added an ‘—uninstall’ move to fgfs.exe, what’s needed now is to hook this into our InnoSetup script to offer a wizard page with a checkbox ‘also remove downloaded files and settings’, probably ticked by default. If the checkbox is ticked, the uninstaller should run fgfs.exe with the —uninstall flag before the normal uninstall proceeds.

I would like a volunteer to add this functions to our InnoSetup files - there’s some guidance on StackOverflow on adding form pages to the uninstaller, it’s a Basic type scripting language. Ideally someone on Windows, and I’m happy to help and guide, but it seems like a poor use of my time, for me to battle with this one and get things working.

Basically taking this SO answer and extending it to our needs:


Anyone interested? (Feel free to cross-post to the forum)

BTW, I’m aware that our Windows installer could use some general love / replacement, but I would like this specific task done ’soon' - volunteers to rewrite the installer using a different technology are welcome, but let’s get this piece done in the meantime.

Kind regards,